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coated abrasives abrasive sheets abrasive sheets flap discs flap wheels abrasive sheets abrasive discs abrasive belts jumbo rolls abrasive Senago Milan Milan coated abrasives coated abrasives abrasive Senago Italy Production abrasives wood, metal, car-body, stone Italy coated abrasives ITAS s.r.l. has been involved in the field of abrasives for more than 50 years. The company has developed its own technologies for its entire history and today is provided with a very modern manufacturing facility for the production of jumbo rolls in paper, cloth, combination backings and vulcanized fiber. A well run transformation unit makes all our products available on a regular basis in order to satisfy a wide range of applications in the field of the metal, auto-body shop, automotive industry, wood, stone, plastic, glass and leather. The quality of our products is assured by remarkable investments in research, careful selection of suppliers and raw materials, and by an accurate control of the manufacturing processes. Quality, flexibility, service, technical advice, price are the constant issues of the company policy aimed at building a reliable relationship with our customers as we place their requirements at the centre of our attention.

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